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Aumrut milk comes in 2 different variants


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Our farm

Located amidst the hills of the Purandar taluka in Pune, our farm is one of India’s first ever hi-tech dairy farm,
enveloped with luscious green fields and over 500 cows who call it home.


  • “I switched to Aumrut milk after discovering the unhygienic milking conditions at our local dairy shed. I am impressed by the technology used by Aumrut to deliver absolutely untouched and pure cow milk freshly collected at their farm, right at my doorstep!”

    Dhwani Bhatt
  • “As the name suggests, Aumrut milk is a pure & perfect potion for my family”

    Kirti Kamdar
  • “Buffalo milk had been consumed in my house since decades. When I got to know that Cow milk is a healthier alternative, I started looking out for options. Aumrut milk has been transparent about the nutritional value right from the day we sampled the product. It has been a great experience to be served with such honesty – a trait which is very rare in today’s day and age.”

    Smita Sejpal
    Social Activist

Founder's message



AUMRUT is not just another Milk brand, it is a promise of purity. We launched AUMRUT to bring absolute pure, fresh and nutritious cow milk to you! Horrified by the adulterations of the un-organized dairy industry in India and Powerless against the lack of transparency and monopoly of the industrial packaged milk; we decided to disrupt the dairy industry and bring the power back to the consumer, to you!



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