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Myth: only indian cows give a2 milk – absolutely wrong!

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Myth: only indian cows give a2 milk – absolutely wrong!

FACT : Holstein Friesian Cows also give A2 Milk – We will prove this ?
A myth if manipulates the truth, needs to be proven wrong.
The Dairy Industry, not only in India, but at a global scale, has been buzzing with manipulated myths. When it comes to the whole A1 - A2 milk discussions in India, the most important point of discussion is the breed of the cow associated with the milk variant.

Most widespread MYTH: “Only Indian cows give A2 Milk” - a false statement which blinds the consumers from the truth The truth is – “Holstein Friesian Cows also give pure A2 Milk”
Milk is categorized as A1 Milk or A2 Milk by analysing the content of β Caesin A1 and β Caesin A2 proteins found in the milk.
Now, A1 and A2 are nothing but ‘alleles’ - the variant form of a gene type in cows of all breeds.

There are 3 pair-types of alleles that determine the category of milk a cow will give – A1 Milk, A2 Milk or a combination of A1A2 Milk:

Note: This variation has nothing to do with the breed of the cow since it is basic genetic make up Also, Pure A2 milk will ALWAYS have A2A2 allele.
The only way to be sure that we are indeed consuming A2 Milk is by authentic gene testing and certification of the sample in question. Mere superficial knowledge and assumptions of which breed gives which milk is not enough. Does your A2 Milk come with a certification or promise of authenticity?

Wouldn’t you want to be 100% sure that the milk delivered to your doorstep is certified, tested and absolutely authentic A2 Milk?
YES! Right?
At Aumrut, we promise to deliver certified, pure A2 Milk, milked from the world’s favourite dairy cattle – Holstein Friesian cows, right at your doorstep.

View the gene testing certificate of our beloved HF Cows, busting this A1/A2 myth and discover the truth yourself!

Select from any of the following two variants that you think are best suitable for your loved ones and join #TheAumrutFamily

Pasteurized & Homogenized Milk

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MRP Rs.90 per litre

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