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Is your Milk full of hormones, chemicals and antibiotics?

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December 12, 2018

Is your Milk full of hormones, chemicals and antibiotics?

Chemical injections for cattle

The production of Oxytocin is a natural process in mammals. It is secreted by the pituitary gland during sex, birth of a child and lactation. A lot of dairy giants were using the chemically synthesized version of this Hormone and injecting into cattle for increasing their milk yield. The milk derived from such cattle would also have traces of the external hormone which would eventually be passed on to human beings on consumption.

The Government of India bans production of Oxytocin

In 2016, Himachal Pradesh Court shared the harmful effects of Oxytocin on adults and children which eventually led to the Government banning the production of Oxytocin by private companies.

Sharing an excerpt from The Indian Express on the concerns shared by the court towards this issue:

“…There is a grave misuse of Oxytocin by farmers and diary owners… It is not only the health of the animals, which is a matter of concern, but a greater concern lies in the fact that it is this very milk and vegetables which have been injected with Oxytocin to increase its size, that is being consumed by all of us… Oxytocin filters into the milk and… has been held responsible for breast and uterine cancers, male impotence… Its use is also considered harmful for eyes, especially in children. The hormone affects the reproductive ability of woman… Consumption of Oxytocin injected milk by pregnant woman increases risk of haemorrhage. It is also responsible for high spike in tuberculosis cases…,” the court said.

Source: Clampdown on Oxytocin by Deepak Gupta, The Indian Express.

In 2018, The Government of India lifted the ban on retail sale of Oxytocin with stringent regulations and selling guidelines, transferring it from schedule H drug to Schedule H1 drug (The chemists will have to maintain detailed records of prescriber, patient and quantity sold). This has hugely helped in cutting down the illegal use of this hormone by farmers and dairy farm operators.

Are you sure your Milk is safe?

Milk adulteration and contamination is a grave concern as according to a report by the Animal Welfare Board, about 68.7 percent of the milk production in the country, along with milk by products were found to be laced with polluting ingredients.

We at Aumrut, believe in offering pure cow milk which is free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. The nutrition value of our milk and its impact on your health is something we would never compromise on. To experience the real essence of Aumrut Milk, call 7678-000-111 to order a sample today.

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