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Why is AUMRUT milk the best Milk in the market?

AUMRUT Milk is the only cow milk brand in India whose quality is sealed with 7 promises: Purity, Healthy, Freshness, Adulteration Free, Hormone Free, Human-touch free and Milked with Hi-tech Dairy farming process. Unlike most of the Cow Milk brands in India we are NOT aggregators of milk, but producers of farm fresh milk, which travels straight from our farm to your family. At our state of the art hi-tech dairy farm we exercise stringent control over every single process and step thereof right from feed formulation to shipment of milk. Infact right from the selection of our cows, to their breeding, their pregnancy healthcare, feed management, regular medical supervision, fully automated milking process upto bottling and delivery of our wholesome cow milk to your family we manually supervise every step. We promise you that

1. We do NOT abuse our cows with hormones or steroids to stimulate excess milk production
2. We do NOT add any preservatives or additives for flavour enhancement as our Milk is naturally delicious
3. We do NOT add any bleaching agents to boost the whiteness of our milk
4. We ONLY design and feed high nutrition fodder to our cows
5. We ONLY milk our cows using state of the art milking equipment which is specially designed to ensure optimal comfort and compassion during the milking process
But DON’T believe us, just try our AUMRUT Milk once and you’ll realize that our AUMRUT milk like no other milk you’ve had before!

Does AUMRUT milk come in toned milk variant as well?

No. Currently we only have Cow's Whole Milk. The fat content of this milk is between 3.5 to 4%. However, our AUMRUT Milk is lighter than other toned milk available in the market, which is primarily Buffalo's milk.

What is Cow’s whole milk?

Cow’s Whole milk is raw and pure milk from which none of it constituents have been removed, adjusted or added artificially. It is a non-standardised and non-commercialized milk where the fatcontent is not set to a particular value through additional milk processing. AUMRUT Cow’s Whole milk is pure milk retaining all its natural goodness as milked from the cow.

If AUMRUT Milk is whole milk, why don’t I get thick Malai on it after it is boiled and cooled?

We advise you NOT to compare the AUMRUT whole milk from cows to the other conventional milk brands available in the market as most of them are Buffalo Milk. Also most often than not, the commercial milk brands add cream/fat to the milk in variable proportions to suit their diverse milk variants. On an average conventional full cream Buffalo milk brands contain 6% fat whereas AUMRUT milk contains natural milk fat in the range of 3.5% to 4%. This is the natural composition of Cow’s milk which infact makes it very easy to digest.

Why I am unable to set good Dahi with the AUMRUT milk. Why is that so runny?

Our AUMRUT Milk is 100% farm fresh milk without any additives; hence our natural Solids Not Fat (SNF) content is relatively lower than other conventional milk brands. On the other hand, the milk brands available in the market have skimmed milk powder added into it that results in a thick and creamy curd.

Settling curd with AUMRUT Milk is a slightly different process and experience vis-à-vis the conventional brands. Please follow the following process to set curd with AUMRUT Milk:

a. While AUMRUT Milk is boiling, ensure that you add the curd culture almost 5 minutes prior to the boiling point of the milk and then continue maintaining the temperature of the milk.
b. We recommend you to use either curd culture made using AUMRUT Milk or buttermilk (chass) made using AUMRUT milk instead of readymade curd from the market.
c. Once you add the curd culture gentle mix it well throughout the milk and allow it to set for a few hours.

Do you put AUMRUT Milk through pasteurisation?

Yes. Pasteurization is a process that heats the milk at a specific temperature for a stipulated time; this ensures the heat kills all of the harmful bacteria while maintaining its nutrient value. This process makes it absolutely safe to drink AUMRUT Milk straight from our bottles when delivered to you.

Do you put AUMRUT Milk through homogenization?

Yes. Homogenization is the process of breaking down the fat molecules into smaller sized molecules to prevent cream layer formation on top of the bottle. This process has multiple benefits which include easier digestion due to smaller fat globules, flavour balance and better palatability of milk, richer milk flavour, softer curd formation, to name a few. Also homogenized milk is recommended for infants as it is very easy to digest for their delicate constitution.

Do I need to boil the milk or can I consume it directly?

No, you do NOT need to boil AUMRUT Milk. Since our milk is already pasteurized and homogenized, it can be consumed directly without boiling. We do recommend you to drink it chilled though! Cheers to you!

I always believed Cow’s milk to be Yellow in colour; during my childhood I remember having slightly yellowish coloured milk. How is your cow’s milk white? Is it even cow’s milk?

Good that you have already been on a cow milk diet! Well, the yellow milk colour is mainly due to presence of carotenoid. Some cow breeds produce milk which is naturally high in carotenoid, while some have low amounts. The yellow colour of cow’s milk varies with the cow’s breed, the food it dconsumes and other geographical and environmental factors too. Be rest assured, the absence of the yellow colour in our AUMRUT Milk is nothing to be concerned about!

What is A2 Milk?

Milk contains two major groups of proteins — casein and whey proteins. Of which the protein beta-casein makes up about 30 percent of the protein in cow's milk. A1 and A2 are two variants of beta-casein. A2 milk contains the A2 type of beta-casein protein whereas A1 milk contains A1 type of beta casein. The A1/A2 status of cattle is determined by the two alleles for beta-casein gene i.e. A1 and A2 and cattle may be homozygous for one type of protein (A1A1 or A2A2), or heterozygous (A1A2). A1A1 cattle would produce only A1 milk, A2A2 would produce only A2 milk and A1A2 cattle would produce milk with both A1 and A2 beta - casein. All our cows have been tested and certified to be homozygous for A2A2 type of protein and hence produce Pure A2 protein enriched milk only.

Is A2 Milk better?

The structure of A2 protein is more comparable to human breast milk and is hence believed to be better digested by the human body. The difference between the milk protein in A1 and A2 milk is only one amino acid in its protein content – but this little difference potentially impacts how our bodies digest the milk. Some scientific research and studies conducted globally suggest that these A1 protein peptides (namely BCM-7) may be the trigger behind certain health conditions such as digestion issues, blood pressure, weak immune system, heart problems, diabetes, gut inflammation etc. However lack of any conclusive evidence from these studies can certainly keep one guessing. Hence if you already do face such health challenges A2 milk might be a better option for you and your family to derive your daily nutrition. Better be safe than sorry, right folks?

Do we provide A1 and A2 Milk?

No, we do not provide A1 type of milk; we provide only certified A2 milk.

How can you be assured of the milk quality?

We provide sample test reports from FSSAI accredited labs on a periodic basis to give you assurance on the milk quality. All the subscribers are welcome to visit the farm with prior appointment, to experience the farm and the processes.

Why is your daily milk thickness inconsistent unlike other branded milk?

AUMRUT Milk is farm fresh raw milk. Our milk is raw, unprocessed with additives which often impart the standardization of colour, texture, consistency etc. to the packaged milk available in the market. These additives reduce the nutritional value of the milk and may even be harmful to your health! Our milk’s thickness may vary periodically owing to seasonal changes in the fodder enjoyed by our cows, their lactation cycles, weather etc. But one thing we do promise you: we will never add any un-natural harmful additives to counter this. Our milk is Pure, Raw and Un-adulterated.

What is the shelf life of AUMRUT Milk?

AUMRUT Milk, when stored under refrigerated conditions will last for three days.

Which breed of cows do you have?

Presently we have Holstein-Friesian and Gir cows at our farm.

Do you also breed the cows on your farm?

Yes, we do. We only use the finest semen from around the world to gently inseminate our cows for breeding and reproduction purposes.

Do you give hormone injections to the Cows to boost milk production?

No. We as a company are strictly AGAINST the use of Oxytocin or any other hormones that may do this. Our cows are never abused to achieve higher milk yields. We promise our milk to always be Hormone Free.

How is your milk Antibiotic free?

If ever any of our cows are undergoing medical treatment for any ailments, we ensure that the milk from such a cow who is on an antibiotic course is excluded. Therefore, the milk is completely antibiotic free. We also perform daily checks and tests to ensure the milk is always antibiotic free as promised.

What kind of fodder is given to your cows?

Our cows get a nutritionist designed meal every day. Our nutritionists ensure that there is the right balance of minerals, vitamins, fibre etc. in the daily fodder. We design a special menu for different age groups of cows that address their special physical needs. The Key ingredients of this daily feed are Maize, Grain-meal, Grass, Cotton Seeds, Sorghum, Lucerne, Napier, Soybean and other quality cereals, legumes and seasonal Silage. Our menu is changed regularly to include fresh seasonal crops to keep our cows excited, happy and munching all day long.

Where is the AUMRUT Milk Farm Located?

Our Farm is located near a small village known as Panjalwadi, on the outskirts of Pune, in Maharashtra.

Can we visit your farm?

Yes, of course. We are always happy and proud to present our state of the art farm and our cows to you! It would be an honour to give you a tour of our farm. A prior appointment is must though, as we live by atithi devo bhava and give all our heart in preparing for your visit to not only me comfortable but also un-forgettable for you!

Do you give hormone injections to the Cows to boost milk production?

No. We as a company are strictly AGAINST the use of Oxytocin or any other hormones that may do this. Our cows are never abused to achieve higher milk yields. We promise our milk to always be Hormone Free.

What facilities are available on the farm?

Our Farm is spread over 10 acres and built as per global standards. It's a truly world-class dairy farm that uses state-of-the-art milking facility and processes which are critical to keep the cows comfortable and happy. We have 24 hours water supply, three daily feeding rituals, mega dairy fans, climate controllers, massage brushes, and more to keep our cows happy and healthy. Our automated milking facility, pasteurization and homogenization plant and automated bottling plant guarantee that our milk that reaches your family is the best quality milk in the world!

Is your Farm certified?

Yes, we are certified by International organization for standardization(ISO) for our farm and processes. We also have a food safety license by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) that guarantees the safety and purity of our milk.

How is your Farm different from other dairy farms?

YOur Farm is one of the most technologically advanced dairies in India. It is a fully integrated and state of the art dairy farm with its own fodder cultivation partners, palatial barns and paddocks, fully automated milking parlour, milk chilling units, pasteurization unit, homogenization unit, packaging & assembly line, cold storage as well as our own cold-chain delivery vans for home delivery.

We like to believe our farm to be a benchmark for the future of dairy industry in India, and we would be delighted to give you a tour of the same.

Where is the processing Plant ?

At our farm itself.

What do you do in the processing plant?

After milking, the milk is immediate chilled to 4 degrees followed by pasteurisation and homogenised further packaging. The packaged milk is then dispatched for home deliveries thereafter.

What is pasteurisation?

It is a process that heats the milk at a particular temperature for a stipulated time to ensure killing of harmful bacteria while maintaining its nutrient value. Thus making the milk safe to drink straight from the bottle.

What is homogenisation?

What kind of bottle do you use?

Like all reputed international milk brands, we use Foodgrade GLASS bottles - Grade 1. Our bottles are 100% recyclable and safe for the environment.We are completely against of using PET Bottles, we support environment.

Do I have to return the empty bottles?

Yes, we have highest standard of bottle cleaning equipments and hence we use the bottle for 3 to 4 times before sending the bottles for recycling process.

How is the milk packaged?

Milking is done by fully automatic milking machines. Post-milking, the milk is immediately chilled to 4 degree Celsius using PHE, then pasteurised and homogenised, packed in tamper proof glass bottles and transported to our local cold store chains – from there it is delivered to each subscriber by our team.

How will you maintain optimal temperature during transportation?

AUMRUT Farm milk is transported from plant to depot in refrigerated vans. Each and every depot has refrigeration facilities. The milk is then delivered to your doorstep in insulated boxes to maintain the optimum temperature.

How does the home delivery of milk subscription work?

We offer a Post-paid &Pre-paid milk subscription. The subscription can be made from the website or through our app “AUMRUT” available on both android and iOS respectively. All you need to do is to register yourself and make your subscription as per your preference and requirement. You can follow these simple steps to make you subscription.

Log into your account via website or AUMRUT app. Register yourself and fill in the details. Once you have logged in as per your comfort level.

Choose your subscription from the various modes available like every day, alternate day, every third or fourth day respectively. You can select the quantity as per your requirement.

If your requirement is not catered by the above mentioned options, then we also offer a customized solution wherein you can choose the day and the quantity required by you on those particular days. All this can be managed by just the click of the button.

We are also available in select stores such as Natures Basket, Big Bazar Generation Next & Haiko In case of any assistance you can call us on our customer care number 7678-000-111.

What are the modes of payment?

You can pay through:

Online mode (Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, other wallet options)
Cash / Cheque ( In case of cash collection please intimate us about it via call or mail )

What are the milk delivery timings and procedure?

The milk is delivered by our own team of delivery boys between 6:00 am - 9:30 am every morning. You can avail the following delivery preferences - delivery in hand, leave at the door step, ring the bell and leave. The same can be updated from the app or website itself.

Can I pause or temporarily opt out of the milk delivery?

Yes, the milk delivery can be stopped and resumed at any time before 10.00 pm a day prior from our website or app. You can also call our customer support a day in advance between 9am - 7pm.

Can I add/change my milk requirement if I’m travelling or have guests over?

Yes, its possible to make changes a day prior by 10:00 pm through our app or website. In case the same needs to be communicated via call or mail it can only be updated between 9am - 7pm, a day prior.

How would temporarily changing the milk quantity affect the duration of my subscription?

The delivered quantity will be adjusted against the subscribed quantity, on a daily basis. A monthly delivery statement will be sent by email indicating the subscription credit in the milk quantity. The delivery will continue uninterrupted within the subscription schedule.

What is the delivery schedule on holidays?

Your milk is delivered 7 days a week, 365 days a year, unless there is an exceptional emergency situation.

Are there any additional charges beyond the subscription rate?

There is no additional charge beyond the subscription amount

What should be the minimum order for subscription?

The minimum order is one litre only.