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Aumrut milk comes in two healthy variants

Milked from the world’s favourite holstein friesian cows

We are home to over 500 top of the line breed of European Holstein Friesian Cows. Loved world over from Europe to U.S.A to Australia; we are delighted to offer the world’s favorite cow milk- pure, fresh and absolutely unadulterated from our farm to your family. Pick from the following two options of milk that meets your family’s nutrition needs:

Note: We are happy to be the first in India to break the popular myth-that only native Indian cows give A2 milk; all of our Holstein Friesian cows are tested for genetic purity and are certified by a Government Organization for producing Pure A2 milk only.

Pasteurized & Homogenized Milk

(can be consumed directly without boiling)

MRP Rs.90 per litre

Raw Milk

(must be boiled before consumption)

MRP Rs.90 per litre

Milked from india’s favourite native cows

For our desi-at-heart patrons we also proudly offer the option of fresh cow milk from our beloved native cows; where Indian native cow breeds like Gir and Sahiwal dominate our native cow selection. For our Native Cow Milk variant, owing to the popular demand of pure A2 cow milk from our native Indian cows, we offer the following best-selling variant for your family’s nutrition needs

A2 cow ghee

Our AUMRUT Ghee is made using the ancient vedic ritual of ‘Bilona’ to produce pure, handcrafted artisanal ghee. In this Bliona ritual, ghee is prepared by the curdling of our pure A2 cow milk; wherein the whole curd is then hand churned with a wooden churner to produce butter. The clarified butter obtained as a by-product of this churning is then extracted and boiled on traditional cow dung stoves. Once the excess water evaporates, we are left with pure and rich golden ghee. The Bilona method uses around 30 kgs of curd to produce just 1 kg of ghee; this is the reason our handcrafted artisanal AMRUT A2 Cow Ghee is the purest ghee you can nourish your family with.

AUMRUT A2 Ghee Advantage:

1. Made with Pure A2 Cow Milk
2. Zero Trans-Fat & Saturated Fats
3. Zero Milk Solids
4. Made from Adulterant free Milk
5. Made from Anti-biotic free Milk

Aumrut A2 Ghee

MRP Rs.799 for 400gms ghee

Aumrut ghee is actually ‘aumrut’ for your and your family’s health & wellness

strong bones


healthy heart




regulates weight


nourishes skin & hair


boosts immunity


lowers cholestrol


perfect digesion